Tango Complete (The Follow Up To Kisses From Nimbus) Offers

‘TANGO COMPLETE’ Long awaited sequel to ‘KISSES FROM NIMBUS’



Right.  Listen up.


I have finally had enough of my dear wife Carol, constantly pecking my head to get the next book finished.  And I am proud to announce that I am finally putting the finishing touches to TANGO COMPLETE, the long-awaited follow up to Kisses from Nimbus.  And before you ask – no, it is not my version of strictly come dancing.  It concentrates more on the 18yrs I spent as an MI6 agent. 


The government have put a block on me publishing anything in the normal way, so we are forced to fund the publication ourselves – not something for the fainthearted. Writing the book is the easy bit. The entire process of editing, proof reading, layout, artwork and cover design is time consuming and expensive, especially to finish with a high-quality hardback version.  Once the manuscript is ready for printing, we then need to deal with the pricing, distribution, marketing and public relations.  Any interest we manage to generate with the normal media to encourage sales will be scuppered by my former employees applying negative pressure.  Hence the need to rally the troops to help to deliver Tango Complete. Not just your financial support which is needed, but also by helping to share the word with your friends, family and colleagues whom you think would enjoy reading Tango Complete. 


Precise release date to be announced.


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Very best,


Pete (PJ Red Riley)

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