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I get everywhere even when your not expecting it, one day you will turn around and I will be there, you may not see me as I will merge into the crowd. You might have to look twice and then I'm gone and leave you wondering was I an optical illusion or a figment of your mind. 

Tracie Doll just can't get over her excitement is it recognising me or from reading the book.


Watch the recording of my live broadcast above where I speak about details of my life in the Armed Services and of details in my book. You have to listen to the singing before the recording comes on and yes my singing has improved  after I took singing lessons.

Well here it is my friends, the full interview. Please share if you can it would be very much appreciated. Feel free to get in touch and comment. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer. I'm ex British Army, SAS and worked for MI6 for eighteen years. I'm talking all things espionage, Army,SAS, my life, autobiography - 'Kisses from Nimbus' and my up coming sequel.


I've met a few 'Walters' in my time ...

About a year or so back. I chatted with a 'certain' gentleman in a pub in Hereford. We exchanged pleasantries but no introductions. He began explaining where we were and the significance of the SAS in Hereford. Within minutes he began name dropping revealing his involvement within the SAS. I thought, okay ... let's see where this is leading. He became quite animated and just loud enough for my wife Carol who was engaged in another conversation to overhear. Deadpan, she turned around and asked him a question.

' Sorry to interupt, but do you know Pete (Red Riley)?' 

His reply was, 'Do I know Pete? Can't stand the man! Nasty piece of work! Turn on a sixpence when he has a drink.' 

How we both kept our faces straight I've no idea, I half expected Carol to say, 'well here is, you can shake his hand.' (Normally, she would, I was quite proud of her actually.)
It was totally apparent that he didn't. 

We spared him his blushes. He'd already made a fool of himself without even realising it.
One of my funnier experiences.


See Pete's first attempt at live streaming here more updates to come.


I would like to know the most unusual place my book has been and will publish the pics on my website. There will be a prize for the best one! A MENTION IN MY SECOND BOOK ALONGSIDE YOUR WINNING PICTURE.


This got me thinking so where is everyone reading my book, please send in photos and I will publish them on the website. 

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