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'RED' hard at work penning his next novel
'RED working hard in his hotel room on his next novel
As authors will say they need peace and tranqulity 'RED' is hard at work writing his second book
'RED' is now away relaxing as he prepares to pen his long awaited second novel
'RED' gives interview to local journalist in Majorca - see Press Clippings for more on this
They told me it was a casual dress party

Hamish Campbell-Robertson NEVER get the S.A.S.to pick out your curtains and carpet ...

Shaun Coleman They told me it was casual dress party

Charles Dickson If you throw a party nowadays you need to employ the best protection to keep out the rifraf.

Charles Dickson You didn’t need to blow the hinges off the door wasn’t even locked!

Valerie Kruse Didn’t realise you like Cadbury’s Milk Tray


  • A poem for remembrance

    Mummy. Why is daddy's face all blotchy red and funny?
    It's nothing dear. A scratch or two. Now eat your breakfast honey.
    (Too young to know what Flash-Burns do to naked flesh and skin.
    Too young to hear of Jihad, and what War has done to him). 

    Daddy, daddy listen to this. It's me and grandad singing.
    But the soldier's world is silent now. His head a constant ringing.
    (Too young to learn of Shock-Waves that rattled through his ears.
    Not ready yet to hear the cause of her broken father's tears).

    My daddy says he loves his chair and his metal legs are great.
    And he's taking me to Legoland. Not yet though. When I'm eight. 
    (Too young to know what Shrapnel does to tissue flesh and bone.
    What use are legs to daddy now? He never leaves his home). 

    I hear my daddy scream sometimes as I snuggle up in bed.
    He says. 'Good night. Sweet dreams'. And tears splash on my head.
    (Too young to hear the brutal truth. The horror and the fear. 
    The melted flesh. The silent screams. The flash of loved ones near).

    Your daddy called for us that day when he was blown asunder.
    Just one more casualty of war. But why oh why I wonder.
    Proud Husband, father, Grenadier as good as you could find.
    This final battle he can't win - the chaos in his mind.


Gav just can't put the book down, but has he checked behind the shower curtain , be afraid be very afraid.

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