I would like to see the most unusual place my book has been read and will publish the pics on my website. There will be a prize for the best one! A MENTION IN MY SECOND BOOK ALONGSIDE YOUR WINNING PICTURE. Please send your pics in and or post on my Facebook page.

Mark Hobbs aboard the Spirit Of Falmouth in Falmouth, Cornwall
Michael Cunliffe it's such a riveting read means he takes it everywhere in the house
Lesley Allsop was reading the book on a beach in Majorca
Terry Costin at home even the dog thinks it's a howler
Mark Hobbs still engrossed in the book somewhere off the Cornish coast
Tony Carlton reading the book on a beach in Turkey
Lee Baker has taken his book on holiday to Florida, USA
Paula Webb says it's a must have read. Thoroughly enjoyed this book!
Our youngest entry to my competition, Callan Holborn, aged 13
Gary Dexter at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California, USA
Warren Whyatt is engrossed with the book in Hereford now writing his own
Gav Corlos on a plane in Bristol going somewhere
My Mrs has stolen my book and refuses to give it back to me, says James Michael Mason
Mathew Hobbs taking it easy by the pool in Florida can't drag himself away
Tracie Doll can't believe the look alike behind her 'could it be ' or is this a doppleganger
Gav Corlos Mr Badass himself, can't put the book down
Scott Buchanan found his hero
Valerie Kruse took the book to Colchester Castle, some stunning images follow
Mark Hobbs spotted this lady reading Kisses From Nimbus in Florida
Andy James says look what I am reading In Timbuktu
Michael Jeans enjoying relaxing by the pool in Cyprus reading the book
Shaun Dolloway killing time in the Antigua sun reading Red's book
A few diehard Metalers last night in Bristol fighting over a copy of KFN!!
More crazy metalers scrapping to hold a copy of Kisses from Nimbus......this time the Birmingham division
Jodie Blunt is reading Kisses From Nimbus in the Cypriot sun
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