Kisses From Nimbus Testimonials

SHAME on the Government for sabotaging this phenomenal book. The supine media – BBC, SKY, ITV and the so-called “Free Press” are all pulling out from interviewing the author, presumably under threats from the Government’s Dirty Tricks Department. This is a remarkable book written by a remarkable man. Ian Sharp. Director of “Who Dares Wins”

The author has had an extraordinary life in government service – first as a pilot in the Army Air Corps. He then passed selection with the SAS and after his 22 years in the army, he was recruited by SIS. His description of working for SIS is detailed and authentic – it is difficult to understand why they haven’t had him arrested! The author may have written this without the help of a ghostwriter – but don’t let that put you off. It is highly readable, very detailed and authentic descriptions, and the slightly unpolished grammar really adds authenticity to a soldier’s tale. A very good read. Richard Tomlinson. Ex-MI6 officer and author of The Big Breach

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